Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just plain bored

I am over at Bryans right now and it is very interesting. He is sitting next to me eating ice cream while I am sitting here typing. I would say some of the things that have happened but they are kind of between him and me...trust me it wasn't bad or anything. Just some interesting conversations. I wish he was mine again. I try to hate him and stay away from him, but like before you know that I am in love with him. I can't stay away from him no matter how much he hurts me. I am just so in love with him still. I wish that I could have someone like him again that would take care of me and never leave me. Anyway...My friend Rob is touring this September and they want me to tour with them as their drummer, I am not very good compared to some band drummers, but I can drum. They are also building a 12 bedroom house in three years in Australia and they want me to go with them. That is something big. I wouldn't have to pay for anything and I would have a home for free. But Australia is kind of far and I would never get to see my friends or family. Does anyone have any idea what I should do? I sure don't. But then again it is a long time from now. I still have the rest of school to do. Have a great day! I am off to watch a movie with Bryan. Love you guys!

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  1. i hope you figured out what you wanted to do...I think...it would have been hard...but going to Australia, wow, that would have been awesome. I have a friend who went to Australia recently. (we're hardly teenagers...so yeah, i think younger than you) and my twin and I were supposed to go to Australia this summer but ... my dad got fired and all cuz of his addiction prob (he is in recover now! yay! fyi: he will always be in recovery until he dies ... i guess you get redeemed or something then...:

    so yeah, that's why we can't go. we have no income. but my bro and my dad are in NC doing the Great Urban Race in Charlotte today...or they were supposed to be...i mean...it's storming here, I hope it isn't there...I probably won't get to play my softball game today. *sigh* ah well.. idont' really mind that much.

    and that's TOASTLY AWESOMEISH THAT YOU ARE A DRUMMER! sweet. my bro wants to be a drummer. we have an electronic drum set. we really want to start a band together w/two of our friends. so yeah, sorry this is so long.