Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is love?

Have you ever wondered what true love was? I think everyone wants to know at some point in their life. I know I have wanted to know. The one thing I hate about books and movies is that they stick fantasies in your head and you want to believe that they can come true and that you can be a part of something so beautiful. I have loved before, not family love or friend love, but twice I have fallen in love with a man. It wasn't a kind of love where I knew it was it and nothing could be taken away, but it was different from everyone else. The first love of mine was Zach P. A quite suitable man and a gentleman. He was a coybow! He had the perfect suitings of the worlds perfect man, and I had him. He and I were together for a very long time, but something changed. I knew that if he were to be the one that I was to be with forever then nothing about are feelings would have changed like it did. I lost him, out of my grasp he slipped away. I always think in my day now what him and I could have been to this day, but I know deep down, even though I still love him, that it would have never worked out. My second love, Bryan, was very fun. Remember that you can't love the other without having fun. I learned many new things while dating Bryan, I got to discover things I probably never would have discovered about myself and others. My horizons had been opened to learn much more. This is a man I could see myself with in twenty years, however he did not think so. He decided that he was going to be with another young woman, rather than myself. I am on the search right now for a man worthy of my standards that I will not have to lower myself to earn. I will say, it is quite hard being a teenager and finding someone to love. My marurity is above most others so the teen boys my age are just to wild for me, even though I am a little wild myself. I know that I will have to wait a while to find the one I love and will spend the rest of my life with, but with the little taste of love I have recieved, I am willing to wait a lifetime for more.

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